Modern. What’s in a Word?

Modern.  What’s in a word?

Well, as a culture we’ve become less than precise in our use of words.  Now, we have the Modern Quilt movement, and we find that there are many definitions and understandings of “Modern.”  Ann and HeartSong have been “modern” since we  opened if you consider modern quilting as not the same old same old.  That’s why our slogan is “not your grandma’s quilt shop.”  We’ve always tried to carry what other shops didn’t want to take the risk on.  Sometimes we’ve been on the “bleeding” edge rather than the “leading” edge, but we have been pleased overall with the response from you, our loyal and wonderful customers.

Ann is an interior designer by trade, and has always had an understanding of color theory and use which she’s been able to share with our customers.  She truly understands the range of colors and design being used in the modern quilts designed by folks like Modern Quilt Studio.  Brian really enjoys the simplicity and cleanness of the design work in those quilts.  His quilting is usually geometric—no fru fru for him.

All this is a longwinded (what else from Brian) introduction to our Modern section in the store (and online).  We’re carrying modern magazines from Modern Quilt Studio, have selected books on the topic, have chosen patterns we think exemplify these quilts, and have grouped solids, semi-solids and other appropriate fabrics (think Marcia Derse) for your easy selection and use.

Now, having said that, we also think that the modern quilting movement includes those quilters who are tired of the same old rules and the same old people enforcing them.  “The only rule is that there are no rules” says one prominent website.  Yes, they are modern quilters, too, and we cater to them.  To Ann, patterns are like the Pirate’s Code—more like guidelines.  If there’s an easier way to do it, she’ll figure it out, and teach anyone who’s willing to listen.  She even tried to make yo-yos on her machine (to say that she doesn’t like to hand make anything would be to grossly understate the point).  Even though she was unsuccessful, it was an attempt which is legend in our parts.  You should have seen the look on her face.

Finally, we think that modern quilters are people who just want to have fun (I was tempted to say “girls” instead of people, but copyright issues intruded.  And after all, I’m a quilter, too).  We yearn for the good old days when folks gathered together to talk, laugh, eat, cry, hug, and sew.  No huge projects, raffle quilts, challenges, etc.  Just gathering and quilting for fun.  We’re starting to do that, too, with quilting bee opportunities, a Modern Quilt Guild, and a neat Quilts of Valor program to honor the vets that populate our town (Hot Springs, South Dakota—the veterans town).  Watch for news from us about when those programs will start.